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AppleScript Resources


For those of you who are already using AppleScript or just learning it, the following is a list of various resources to help you on your AppleScript way. If your organization requires assistance in the planning, completion, or troubleshooting of your own scripts or projects, we are available for hire.

Get an AppleScript Technology Overview in PDF format.

Download the AppleScript Language Guide from Apple in PDF format.


AppleScript Software Updates:

The AppleScript extension is often updated. Make sure you have the latest version. Learn about recent versions and changes at:



You can't beat a seminar from TECSoft to gain a solid understanding of AppleScript on which to build. The folks at TECSoft provide AppleScript training nationally and internationally. Find out more about their classes and when they will be near you by visiting them at:

TECSoft also has an AppleScript Training CD Course available. Learn more about it at their web site. They also have online training for AppleScript, so you can learn anytime of the day or night. For more information:


AppleScript-related Web Sites:

This is the place to start, with all variety of information about AppleScript, tutorials, and links.


A great site for a variety of information and resources on AppleScript. Especially good is the following link as a source of Scripting Additions, which expand the capabilities of AppleScript: www.osaxen.com/index.php.


Another good source for script samples and other information related to AppleScript. This site has lots of samples of scripts for OS X as well.


Significant AppleScript-related Companies and Products

This is the web site of Late Night Software, makers of Script Debugger. This is an alternative editor to Apple's free Script Editor, with a variety of more advanced features. We recommend it for those who need more scripting horsepower. It is OS X ready.


FaceSpan is a development environment which lets you put a face or interface on your scripts. Then they can appear just like any other application to your users.


AppleScript Books

There are a number of books about AppleScript, most of which we handle. Call or email for more information on the best books for your needs.

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