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We specialize in products for print and web graphics, prepress, digital video, DVD creation, and multimedia, and handle a wide range of products for creative pursuits as well as a broad selection of general computer products for businesses, schools, non-profits, and other organizations and individuals:

Need assessment and advising on Apple Macintosh systems and accessories, including portable and desktop systems. We also handle a variety of name brand PC's.
Peripherals - Color, B&W, and wide format inkjet and laser printers (including Xerox), monitors, hard drives, memory, scanners, DVD recorders and drives, digital cameras, digital video camcorders, drawing tablets, display projectors, touch screens, modems, power protection devices, RAID storage, backup devices, network storage, wired and wireless networking products, and more.
Software - from Adobe, Quark, Media 100, Artel Software, BIAS, FileMaker, Dantz, Canto, Markzware Software, ALAP, Extensis, Equilibrium, Microsoft, Intuit, Aladdin, and Symantec, to name just a few. We also handle upgrades for a variety of software companies.
Digital Video/Desktop Movies/DVD - We offer complete Digital Video solutions including Canon Digital Video camcorders, Final Cut Pro software for editing, Matrox RTMac Realtime DV editing cards, DVD Studio Pro for DVD creation, and Power Mac G5s. Portable solutions are also available. We also handle an array of software, hardware, and accessories for DV from companies like Apple, Media 100, Beachtek, Matrox, Discreet, Sony, Adobe, Contour, Artel Software, BIAS, Micronet, Medea, Lacie, Granite Digital, and more.

If you need it we can probably get it, and save you money in the process. Special orders are welcome.


Chapman Consulting Group has a number of services available in addition to our reseller service. Call us for:

Custom Configurations of hardware for specific tasks such as graphic design, multimedia development and content production, digital video, DVD, kiosks, and other purposes.
Onsite Installation of hardware and software.
Troubleshooting - When you are suffering from crashes, bugs, hardware problems, and other difficulties, we can help determine where the problem lies and fix it or provide a course of action necessary to correct it.
AppleScript -To automate your Macintosh workflow, call on us. Our AppleScript services can help your company become more productive and save you dollars. Applescript can be used for publishing automation, all manner of repetitive tasks, for complex workflow automation across one or several applications - including the Finder.
DVD Creation - We offer training on DVD creation, consulting to assist in your DVD projects, or hire us to create DVDs on your behalf.
Need Analysis - If your organization needs to develop computing resources in a given area such as graphics, multimedia, or the internet, but are not sure how to proceed, call us. We can help you determine the right hardware and software for your particular situation, and provide a proposal that will get you on track.
File Recovery - If you have lost important data, we can attempt to recover and repair it. (This service is not available for all platforms.)

Other general and specialized consulting services are also available.

Chapman Consulting Group (651) 336-7838